Ethiopia, Sidamo Grade 3 Natural Adulina


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Sidamo enjoys soil and climatic conditions-including altitude, rainfall and temperature – that make it perfect for the production of Arabica Coffee. Specialty grade coffee from Sidamo is grown mainly in small villages (kebeles). Sidamo is well known for its production of “garden coffee”. The coffee is planted at low density, ranging from 1000 to 1800 trees per hectare and is mostly fertilized with organic matter. All of the coffee produced under this system is agronomically organic, but most is not certified as such.

Roasters Notes: A bit tart and sweet. Very unique

Growers Notes: Blackberry, Cane Sugar, Plum, Vanilla

Elevation: 1789-1860 masl

Process: Natural

Variety: Heirloom Ethiopian Varieties

Weight12 oz
Dimensions8 × 4 × 2 in
Grind Setting

Coarse (French Press), Extra Fine (Turkish), Fine (Espresso/Moka Pot), Less Coarse (Keurig/Drip), Medium (Pour Over), Whole Bean

Roast Level

Dark, Light/Medium


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