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Frequently Asked Question!

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Why should I buy specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is a newish definition for coffee. There is a specific definition, but that is not important. What is important is that you enjoy the coffee you drink, and we think that having fresh coffee makes a difference. We also think that knowing where a coffee is from and how it is roasted makes the whole experience more fun. 

How should I make my coffee?

There are many ways to brew a cup of coffee. We would never pretend to say there is one correct way to make a cup of coffee. In our How-To section we go into detail on how we suggest one simple method for both a french press and a pour over. The best way is the way that brings you the most happiness while brewing and after. 

Do you have any coffee from XYZ?

If we do not currently have an offering from somewhere you would like to try shoot us an email. We will do our best to get some fresh greens in house from that location. 

Why is this the best coffee I have ever tasted?

We will never claim to have the best coffee that has ever been roasted. Only that we have done our best to curate an interesting list of coffees to try. We have spent time finding the roast profile that balances or enhances the natural flavors in the bean. We make sure that the greens are not stored for long periods of time before purchase and roast, keeping the end product much higher quality. 

Will you roast to order?

All coffees are roasted after the receipt of an order to ensure maximum freshness. 

Did you really take those sunrise pictures yourselves?

Yes, all the coffee sunrise pictures were taken right here in Melbourne Beach. 

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